About Us

Why I Built This

Textarea is a place to write what you want, when you want, without fear of it being tracked back to you. In today's world, all eyes are on you at all times. Whether in the physical world with cellphone, street, car, and store cameras or digital world with digital fingerprints, IPs, cross selling, and more.

I've been tossing around the idea of an app like this for some time. As someone who's worked in tech from big companies like Microsoft to the little ones you've never heard about, I've become more concerned with the fact that freedom of expression is hindered by the fact you have no anonymity anymore and that companies like TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and the like want to profit off your free content and then in the same breath show you ads.

Textarea is my safe place. I hope it's yours too.

The Rules

There are, of course, some ground rules:

  1. There is absolutely no room for targeted harassment, threats, or doxing. It's OK to say "my boss is the worst human ever". It's not OK to say "My boss, Oscar Godson, who lives at 1234 Main St should die".
  2. If you post about a serious crime you personally are, or have, committed such as murder, terrorism, etc we don't have logs to track you down, but we will remove those posts.
  3. Please don't hack us. Again, we don't keep logs so if you hack us all you're gonna get is a table of posts with no attribution. This is run by a small team (me) who's just trying to give people a place to write.

The tl;dr of all this is, please don't be an asshole.